hamwic engineering

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Pressure Vessels
Design Verification of pressure vessel stresses due to thermal expansion of large square connecting ducts
Explosion chamber for pressure testing of castings
Filter Housings to ASME VIII
High pressure air - Component leak test rig
Jacketed pressure vessel to ASME VIII
Petro-chemical pressure vessel to ASME VIII
Containment Tube subject to sudden explosive type loading
Shock wave analysis on pressure relief pipework
Variable volume pressure vessel to PD5500

Hydraulic Tools
Clip Removal HydraulicTool
Glovebox Shear Hydraulic Tool
Hydraulic crimp tool, high voltage cable ferrule joining
Open Pipe Shear Tools (25 T)
Pipe crimp shear hydraulic tool (15 T)
Pipe crimp shear hydraulic tool (25 T)
Single Action Crimp Shear Tool (25 T)
Special Purpose 300 Tonne shear tool for nuclear size reduction.

Access Platforms
Petro-Chemical Multi-Vessel Assembly Lifting Frames
Pipe Bridges
Pressure Vessel Support Structures
Process Pipe Support Structure
Structural analysis of new space frame roof beam designs
Structural steelwork detailing.
Vessel Lifting Frame
Vessel Support Steelwork

Classic yacht steering gear
Drum Mixing Paddle
Food Processing Conveyer system
Fuel Channel Inspection Packages (nuclear)
Remote deployable thermocouple bridge system (nuclear)
Remote operated Panel Deployment Vehicles (nuclear)
Semi-automated press (component packaging)
Stress analysis & prediction of deformation of package transport structures due to impact.
Stress analysis of nuclear packages.
Turbine Test Cell
Water Duct Fuel Recovery ROV
Component alignment and assembly jigs
Nuclear package transport trollies
Nuclear package handling equipment

Remote Inspection Equipment
Bottle Inspection Camera and Light Assembly Specialist assembly for insertion though 22 mm diameter hole.
Camera deployment system for nuclear inspection
Remote camera deployment system for pressure vessel inspection
Remote Inspection Vehicle (pressure vessel inspection)
Remote operated vehicles, design ( Nuclear vessel inspection ).
Umbilical and cable management equipment.
Weir Inspection System for Inspection of underground chambers up to 8 metres deep without man entry.